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“The Last Sakura is one the most memorable and magical books I’ve read in years. Silva’s illustrations give us a glimpse into the Shimanchu world, while Nakanishi’s words bring this world to life with passion and pride.” Craig Santos Perez, Habitat Threshold

“Ashley Nakanishi’s The Last Sakura: Tales of the Yuta is many books in one—a rediscovery of heritage, a homage to an endangered language, a hopeful exploration of grief, and a fantastical, exuberant story about magic in the real world.” –Shawna Yang Ryan, American Book Award-winning author of Green Island

“Get Pidgin. Get Okinawan mythology. Get Okinawan language. Get wit and wonder. Get so much for love in Ashley Nakanishi's magical, young adult novel, The Last Sakura: Tales of the Yuta. This book is truly one treasure.” Lee A. Tonouchi, Significant Moments in da Life of Oriental Faddah and Son

Zoom In and check out the artist’s notes and ideas while designing Kiko, Yuki and Tomi!
(artwork done by Toni Silva @silver_sora)

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